Explore how NorthStar benefits your business
How it works
NorthStar is a cloud-based software platform that combines both web and mobile applications to capture the information you need to manage your business more efficiently. Our turnkey technology complements the systems you’re currently using, and comes in an easy-to-download app compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems.
Easy to use mobile application, compatible for iOS & Android systems
Most Popular Feature
Customizable Workflow: speed to market cut-ins, remote training, asset tracking
  • GPS Coordinates
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Barcode Scanning
  • Digital Signatures into Cloud-Based Portal
In addition to:
  • Breadcrumb tracking / Playback functionality
  • Automated Mileage Population
  • Geo-Fenced locations and Geo-Coded activities
How Companies Are Using NorthStar Today
In store
In-Store Merchandising
Training and Resource
Training and Resource Development
In store
Measure New Sales Wins
Territory Planning
Territory Planning/Route Load balancing tools
Proof of Performance
Proof of Performance
Team tracking
Team tracking, capacity, output, and safety during COVID
Task accountability
Task Accountability
Field Crew
Field Crew Management
What would 8-12% mileage expense savings mean to your company?
Now combine that with 10-20% added capacity per day, without adding headcount.