Explore how NorthStar benefits your business
How it works
NorthStar is a SAAS platform that combines both web and mobile applications to capture the information you need to manage your business more effectively.
Interactive maps allow you to import, organize, schedule and visualize important tasks within your organization
  • Crew Drives
  • Sales Market Tours
  • Daily Task Management
  • Route/Territory Load Balancing
Mobile application compatible with both Android and iOS helps you capture critical data from your field teams
  • Customizable Survey Workflows
  • Live GPS Location Services
  • Time Clock Management
  • Route Sequence & Driving Directions
Robust reporting platform aggregates your business KPIs to help measure wins and highlight exceptions
  • Detailed Data Dumps
  • Custom Project Tracking Tools
  • API System Integration
  • Executive Scorecards to track time, mileage, and service metrics
Who Is Using NorthStar Today
  • Distribution Companies
    NorthStar helps you manage route productivity, field training, and special projects (resets, new business wins, asset inventory, etc).
  • CPG Companies
    NorthStar really helps you see how your products are being delivered and managed at store level. So it’s a very powerful market tour / auditing tool when evaluating internal teams, distributors, and third party merchandisers.
  • Field Service & Technician Businesses
    NorthStar’s work order management and custom survey platform allow you to manage all aspects of your field service business. You can open and schedule work out to your team, you can confirm the work has been completed properly with survey verification, and you will be able to measure your results both with real time updates and end of the day/week/month management summaries.