Is your company operating on less-than-optimal field data?
Finally, have the insight, tracking, and performance tools to shape internal decisions—and win new business.
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Hard data and insights enable smart business decisions.
Many companies are operating on less-than-optimal insight. How can they react? How can they adjust? How can they compete? And how can they win new business?
That’s why we created NorthStar, a revolutionary mobile platform designed to:
increase visibility into your field workforce
provide invaluable and highly customizable tracking
real-time coaching and performance data
most importantly, maximize profit margins
“NorthStar’s customizable survey platform allows us to capture critical information from our field teams. All the data is stored in a centralized web portal that helps streamline communication between the field and our back-office management team. We can see things happen in real time and this helps us react quickly to our very dynamic business environment.”
John Troia
President and CEO at Troia Foods
How it Works
Settle the quality of work debate.
Just snap a picture of the work progress, and you can be on your way. The verified work sits in the cloud until needed, or can be set for auto-email alerts to managers and peers.
If it’s critical to your business, it’s your NorthStar.
Discover what NorthStar® can do for your business today